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heateus meme: [4/5 episodes] - 2x06 Futamono

"If the Ripper is killing you can bet Hannibal Lecter is planning a dinner party. You and I probably sipped wine while swallowing the people to whom we were trying to give justice, Jack."

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remember that time mads mikkelsen won best actor at cannes but was really tipsy and couldnt stop kissing his award



and he kept doing it until



hannibal & dalí ( a r t   m e m e )

 The art of Salvador Dalí is renowned for its extreme and often grotesque use of metaphor. Exploring themes such as voyeurism, self-disgust and the unconscious—or dream—state, Dalí “[diagnoses] diseases of the psyche,” (J.G. Ballard, 1974), which both predict human vulnerabilities and embrace the irrationality and excitement of living in the modern world. The distinct symbols of clocks and butterflies are prevalent in his work, the former perhaps signifying the liquidity of reality and the relativity of time, and the former, naturally, demonstrative of transformation.

hannibal lecter meme 2/4 colors

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heateus meme → two guest stars/minor characters
   ↳ [2/2] raul esparza as frederick chilton

Get to know me | favorite female characters → Freddie Lounds

We’re all pathological in our own ways.